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Hi there

I am that blonde and bubbly girly-girl who loves pink and prettiness. The first few years of my life I grew up on my grandparent’s farm in Vaalwater but, when we moved to the city it is safe to say as I got older I soon realised I am a city girl; intrigued by the big dreams, the rush and inspirations the city offers. As I am thinking back to when I was a little girl I can remember the times I got a hold of a camera, it was the most fascinating thing you could possibly give me. I would take photos, and even just pretend to take photos of everything. I loved it.

The love for photography never went away and by the time I was sixteen I could convince my parents that it would be the best idea in the world for me to take a short course in photography, With so many inspirations the idea of capturing the world through my lens and documenting people, places and their stories drove me to the point where I just knew; this is it, this is what makes me tick, this is my thing, this is my passion!

Little more than a year ago I got married to my best friend, no.1 fan, biggest inspiration, soul mate and high school sweetheart whom I am head over heels in love with; I just love us and the life we are busy building together.

That day, that moment…

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